Senior Years

Royal British International School Senior Years Subject Guide

English – Language
A Level English provides pupils with the opportunity to study the English language and its use in contemporary communication in the 21st Century. Pupils are encouraged to respond critically to a range of texts in various forms, styles, and contexts, while further developing communication, reading, research and analytical skills. Diverse writing styles are studied and practiced and pupils should, ultimately, be able to write clearly, effectively, and accurately in academic, personal, and creative contexts.
A Level English is recommended for all RBIS pupils who wish to study abroad or to study at an international university, and perfectly compliments both science and arts related A Levels.

A Level Biology builds on IGCSE level skills and places emphasis on the understanding of concepts, knowledge acquisition and the application of Biology theories in novel contexts. In addition to studying the theoretical fundamentals of the science, pupils also learn and practice advanced practical skills in our fully equipped laboratory.
This is an ideal choice for pupils who wish to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, healthcare, and various bio-medical science related occupations.

A Level Chemistry is a popular subject due to its wide range of applications. Covering physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry, pupils work through an excellent syllabus of theoretical and practical topics which incorporate the social, environmental, economic, and technological aspects of the science.
This is wide reaching qualification which is applicable, and often a prerequisite to those who wish to pursue a career in pharmacy, chemical engineering, forensic science, medicine, dentistry, healthcare, civil engineering, and various bio-medical science or research related occupations.

During A Level Physics, pupils study the properties of matter and its motion through space and time and, of course, the related entities of energy and force. Practical skills are honed in the RBIS lab, while the subject as a whole is viewed in the modern day context, based on the very latest research and findings.
This is a qualification which can lead to careers in engineering and research and development, and offers careers such as systems analysts, technical specialists, optical engineers, research associates, applications engineers, civil engineers, geophysicist, nanotechnologists, architects and various research positions.

A core subject and prerequisite for many degree courses, our A level Mathematics helps students develop and extend their range of advanced mathematical techniques, with emphasis on more difficult, instructed problems. Pupils improve on their ability to reason logically, and to recognise incorrect reasoning.
A Level Mathematics is recommended for all RBIS pupils who wish to study abroad or to study at an international university, and perfectly compliments both science and business arts related A Levels.

Business Studies
When studying A Level Business, pupils learn about the scope and nature of business and the role it plays in society. The syllabus economic, ethical, legal, governmental, social environmental, and technological issues. In addition to studying the management of organisations and decision making in dynamic business environments, pupils also develop a critical understanding of organisaitonal structure and the markets being served.
This is obviously the perfect topic for any pupil dreaming of a career in business, whether it be within an existing small family business, or at a large multi-national.

Our A Level Economics course offers opportunities for pupils to learn about analyse and explain economic issues and arguments, evaluate economic data and to organise, present and communicate ideas and judgements clearly. A myriad of topics are covered, including an introduction to the price system and government intervention, international trade and exchange rates, the measurement of employment and inflation, macroeconomic theory and policy, economic growth and development, and the causes and the consequences of inflation.
This is a great choice for pupils wishing to pursue careers in finance, accounting, non-governmental organisations, business, and analytics.

A Level law students study the importance of legal institutions and their relationship to other institutions in society, providing pupils with a broad understanding of the various branches of law, giving them a more comprehensive picture of the role of law. Pupils will develop an analytic and critical approach to the application of legal principles and furthermore, the sources of law, particularly statutes and cases, and how these are applied to the determination of disputes.
This A Level is a popular choice with those who wish to study law at the tertiary level and also those who are perusing a career in law enforcement, trading standards, human resources and stockbroking.

Other Subjects
Royal British International School offers a wide range of other subjects including, but not limited to, History, Geography, Mandarin Chinese, ICT, Literature, Psychology, and Travel and Tourism. For more information and careers advice, contact us here to arrange a free consultation with the School Principal.
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