School Mission & Vision

RBIS Mission

Royal British International School Yangon mission is to develop the skills, positive attitudes, and personal qualities of every learner in order for them to become active contributors to the global community.

RBIS Vision

Royal British International School Yangon strives to create an educational environment that promotes harmonious development of each person’s physical, moral, intellectual, and spiritual gifts, and that encourages a sense of responsibility, the correct use of freedom and active participation in social life

Core values:

  • Respect

  • Cooperation

  • Caring

  • Challenge


RBIS students will:

  • attain, to the best of each individual’s ability, high levels of understanding and competencies across a broad range of subjects

  • attain the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to be life-long learners

  • be independent learners, active in their approach to their own learning

The RBIS advantage

At Royal British International School Yangon we demand the highest standards from all our constituents.

Our students will be:

  • included in a stimulating and caring learning environment
  • respected for the diverse cultures they represent
  • stimulated by a quality education and rigorous assessment
  • nurtured by caring, qualified teachers

Our teaching and support staff will:

  • promote and support intellectual growth and excellence in all aspects of learning
  • foster a passion for learning
  • make learning relevant, rigorous and real
  • utilise the most appropriate technology and resources available
  • be actively involved in professional development
  • provide a learning environment which enhances learning potential and encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning
  • foster respect and promote awareness and acceptance of personal and cultural diversity