Principal Welcome

Dear Parents, Families, and Friends,

As we begin our academic operations in Myanmar, I am filled with a sense of energy, purpose and inspiration! I firmly believe that education is the key to development and as Myanmar continues its political and economic transition, I am proud to be bring our standards of academic excellence to the good people of Yangon, and beyond. Our courses are competitively priced in order that we may bring an international education to a much wider section of Myanmar society, something I trust, that will, to some extent, help drive development within the country.

As the country’s economy continues to grow and foreign investment increases, there are many more professional opportunities for citizens but, of course, the demand for certain specific skills is also increasing. Such skills and values are nurtured from an early age in our classrooms, where we encourage enquiry and mistakes. No child is ever scolded for giving a wrong answer in our school. Such methods of tuition are ineffective, counter-productive, and have no place in 21st Century classrooms. We strive to capture the imagination and inspire our students through engaging presentations and activities.

Principal Welcome

Our academic pedigree is world class and second to none, combining Cambridge International Examinations programmes with the very best of 21st Century Learning. Our students graduate with the keys to success – keys which open the doors to the world’s finest educational institutions. There is great competition for places at the world’s leading universities but you can rest assured that your children have the best possible opportunity with our qualifications, globally recognised by universities and employers alike.

The faculty at RBIS is comprised of a mixture of local and international teachers, all of whom have professional teaching experience at the international school level and are fully qualified to teach Cambridge programmes. We also consider the teachers’ character when hiring – our teachers must be adaptable, caring, respectable but fun, and full of passion for education. With an ongoing professional development for the faculty, tuition is always cutting edge, employing the very latest in pedagogical methodology.

We pride ourselves on a truly international experience. With students from a diverse range of backgrounds, we all enjoy the benefits of a multicultural environment, and celebrate our differences as much as our similarities. Manners, respect, and compassion are all nurtured, in every class and every corridor.

When I look at these students I see more than children. I see the leaders; the educators; the groundbreaking scientists; the titans of industry; and the masters of art that will shape the world of tomorrow.

I look forward to welcoming you at our school where I will be happy to show you around and discuss your particular child’s academic needs in detail. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


Mr Darren Smillie

School Principal
Royal British International School