Co-Curricular Activities

Royal British International School Compulsory Curricular Activities

At Royal British International School we use the term ‘CCAs’ for our after-school and weekend clubs. Clubs run daily, Monday to Friday between 3pm and 4pm or 5pm, and on Saturday mornings.
We insist that students enroll for at least one club as this is hugely beneficial when applying for scholarships for Colleges and Universities (hence ‘com). However, students are welcome to join as many as they please, timetable allowing.
Most CCAs are free of charge and are included in the school programme but some clubs carry a supplementary fee.

</p> <h2>The Young Entrepreneurs’ Club</h2> <p>

Members learn the basics of business by running their own school businesses such as The Pet Hotel and Yangon Up-Cycled Handcrafts. In addition to using and developing existing academic skills including critical thinking, brainstorming and logical reasoning, pupils learn about specific business concepts including concept building, advertising, marketing, accounting, banking, budgeting and resource management. All funds raised are re-invested into Club projects and/or community charity projects.

</p> <h2>The Sir David Attenborough World Wildlife Club</h2> <p>

Named after one of the United Kingdom’s most treasured and respected broadcasters, our World Wildlife Club investigates the dangers facing animals in the wild today. With a particular focus on endangered fauna in Myanmar, such as the Irrawaddy Dolphin, the Sumatran Rhinoceros, and the Sunda Pangolin, members endeavor to raise awareness species facing extinction within the surrounding environment.

</p> <h2>The Chess Club</h2> <p>

Thought to have originated over 1,500 years ago, chess is a challenging game which develops both sides of the brain (and possibly even reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in later life), through exercising memory, creativity, and strategic thinking. Our Chess Club is open to experienced players and newcomers alike.

</p> <h2>The Swim Team</h2> <p>

Our Swimming Team meets regularly to practice different styles and disciplines with a view to swimming for RBIS in regional and nationwide competitions. RBIS provides transport to and from school to the swimming pool.

</p> <h2>RBIS BULLDOGS – The School Football Team</h2> <p>

The BULLDOGS have places available for both primary and secondary students. Teams compete in local school tournaments and enjoy the benefits of teamwork, sportsmanship, tactics, and strategy.

</p> <h2>The Film and Photography Association</h2> <p>

The FPA invites students to learn about creative artistic expression through the media of photography and film-making. Participants explore different styles and techniques and prepare their own work for exhibition around the school and for entry into local and international competitions.

</p> <h2>The Fitness Club</h2> <p>

Our after-school fitness club lets students join in on a variety of fitness routines including interval training, aerobic exercise, running and jogging, weight training and much more. Pupils learn that keeping fit can be fun and also look into the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.

</p> <h2>The Language & Culture Club</h2> <p>

Week by week, the language and culture club looks at a wide range of countries, regions, cities, and towns, and investigates what makes each one special. From food to music and traditional dress to ancient customs, there is a whole world of fascinating locations to learn about. Members also learn a little of the language spoken in the places they learn about and other linguistic similarities.

</p> <h2>The Engineering and Robotics Club</h2> <p>

Members work on a range of projects using various materials to design and build functional items. The E.R.C. often collaborates with the Young Entrepreneurs Club on school business projects, which helps them to raise funds for new materials.

</p> <h2>The School Band</h2> <p>

The School Band offers opportunities for pupils of all ages and grades to become involved in music, and to learn a new instrument or develop existing skills. A wide range of instruments are available, including guitar, digital drum pads, electric piano, recorders, chanter/bagpipes, flute, violin, and many more. While younger members may enjoy simpler percussion instruments, older pupils have the opportunity to use computer software for sampling, looping, and programming electronic beats and bass-lines.

</p> <h2>Green Fingers Club</h2> <p>

Our Green Fingers Club teaches kids all about horticulture and gardening. Students grow a variety of fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and spices while learning about basic botanical principles. Members have the opportunity to discover some the world’s weirdest and most exotic plant species while also learning about the wild flora of Myanmar and the surrounding area.

</p> <h2>The Equestrian Club</h2> <p>

It was once said that “A horse is poetry in motion.”

As well as their inherent beauty, horses offer us so much more. Horse riding benefits us through improving posture, core-strength, muscle tone, balance, and overall fitness. Pupils have the opportunity to engage in dressage contests once sufficient skill is acquired.

</p> <h2>The Sub Aqua Squad</h2> <p>

Our diving club, led by a fully qualified and highly experienced master diving instructor , offers older students the opportunity to enter a hidden world of wonder, to enter the beautiful marine ecosystems of Myanmar and Thailand. Initial courses are conducted in both classroom and swimming pool, after which students move into open water. A truly life-changing experience for those who join and one which will remain with students throughout their lives.

</p> <h2>The Golf Club</h2> <p>

The RBIS Golf Team welcomes students, young and old, complete beginner to seasoned player! The club is led by an experienced player-instructor who will train the kids in all the skills required by a quality golfer.