“Here at RBIS we understand that a school is not just a place of learning, but it is also a foundation of the community. It is a place where families send their children to grow, learn, and become the future independent global citizens we all wish for them to be. An important part in becoming a global citizen is becoming one that cares for their community and takes it upon themselves to care for those less fortunate and most vulnerable.
This is the premise that led to the creation of the RBIS Charity Clinic. Founder of the RBIS Charity Clinic, Mr. Prash Nandwani, and Co-Founders, Mr. Darren Smillie and Ms. Ariel A Mar Tun, came to the conclusion that it is our school’s responsibility to pass this belief to all that walk through its doors.
To better give this lesson in responsibility RBIS will encourage student involvement in the fulfilling of giving aid to others. It is for this reason that we will be giving the duty of managing the RBIS Charity Clinic to some of our most esteemed IGCSE students. As Lead Chairmen of all aspect involving CSR initiatives we appoint Nyan Lin Htut to fill this role. But a CSR mission cannot reach all who are in need of it without a passionate community outreach team, so to better assist it reaching all those in need, students Linn Last Shwe Eain and Sai San Bhone Lin  will help in spreading awareness to this meaningful cause.
With this strong dedicated team we at RBIS are overcome with joy to announce that the opening of our free weekend clinic will come this April, and will be open to all those who need assistance. We humbly ask to all those in our community to help spread the word as this act could change countless lives for the better. If you are a person that wishes to do more than share new of the opening and wants to help out in more ways we will be accepting donations of any kind that you feel would help in creating a clinic and to give back what matters.