How to decide what to do after IGCSEs?

Royal British International School Yangon realises that Students face big decisions once their IGCSE results come through. Therefore when armed with your IGCSE results, at last you’re in a position to decide on your next step. Should you carry on into the IB or study for A-levels? If so, what A-levels should you be doing? […]

Pampered Children of the 21st Century

<div><span lang=”EN-SG”>Educators definitely recognize them in their classrooms;parents live with them in their homes — children who: </span></div> <div><span lang=”EN-SG”><b>• <i>Are given everything, but constantly demand more;</i></b></span></div> <div><span lang=”EN-SG”><b><i>• Assume they have same rights as adults, but are not ready to accept grownup responsibilities;</i></b></span></div> <div><span lang=”EN-SG”><b><i>• Are loved, nurtured and protected, yet are unhappy, anxious […]

Advancement in Education through Social Media

Royal British International School has completely no doubt that technology has become heavily integrated into our everyday lives. We rely on our mobile phones, tablets and laptops for everything whether it be finding a recipe for dinner, shopping or even researching the cheapest buys. Education has also been heavily influenced by the integration of technology […]