21st Century Education

21st Century Education at Royal British International School

RBIS – a truly 21st Century Education.
RBIS has chosen the very best in international curriculum for your children. But any curriculum, regardless of good it is, needs too be delivered in a manner which makes learning as interesting and engaging as possible for pupils.
In today’s world, it is not enough for pupils to just have strong subject knowledge and good grades. The pupils of today are the leaders of tomorrow and they need a wide reaching range of skills to be successful.
When we talk about 21st Century Education, we are talking about a holistic approach to education; one which encompasses academic prowess, professional skills, confidence, curiosity and independence, with an emphasis on morals and ethics.
The world is far from stagnant. The children of today live in a completely different academic, professionalism and social environment than their parents. Jobs are different. Technology is different. Success is different. Everything is different.
At RBIS we install a sense of curiosity in our pupils. We encourage inquisitiveness and research and pupils are taught how to discover answers rather than just ask for them. We develop skills such as problem solving and critical thinking and we produce children who are capable of great achievement. Discussion, collaboration, and confidence are all encouraged in the 21st Century student-centred classroom.
Digital literacy is a fast becoming a mandatory prerequisite in many existing professions already and in tomorrow’s world this is set to grow even further. In 21st Century Education, technology plays a great role in how pupils research ideas and form conclusions and how they present their findings.
Pupils at RBIS enjoy fully interactive ultra HD touchscreen boards in every class. Used in conjunction with Virtual Reality headsets and the very best Cambridge-endorsed text-books, this technology allows our teachers to add a whole new depth and dimension to their lessons, at the same time teaching pupils how to use technology in a constructive and productive manner