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Royal British International School Yangon

Discover our School

We are home to 90 students from K-12 and over 30 expert faculty members. We represent more than 10 different nationalities. We are proud of being an international school with world-class facilities and curricula, while maintaining a strong emphasis on character and culture.

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Teachers that inspire

Our teachers are highly skilled and dedicated professionals. They inspire our
children by their enthusiasm and creative approach to learning. Children learn
best when they are happy, motivated and engaged and the curriculum is constantly evolving to meet their interests. Our approach works and this is evidenced by the excellent achievement of our pupils across the curriculum.

Learning intelligently, not simply memorizing

Learning is the focus of every school but at King’s Oak British International School we want learning to be central to all our discussions, hopes, aspirations and outcomes. King’s Oak enables children to prepare for a world in which simply absorbing and regurgitating bite size chunks of knowledge will be worthless. Our pupils undertake a 21st century education, where they become armed with a toolkit of learning skills which are transferrable to their future education and the inevitable demands of the workplace.

We strive to make children enjoy their school experience

The welfare of our pupils is paramount and we firmly believe that ‘a happy heart goes all the way.’ We aim to ensure that all of our children are happy at school and are enjoying their education. Children should be able to enjoy their childhood with innocence and enjoyment.

After-school clubs make children sharpen their particular skills

After school curricular activities are designed to extend the teaching and learning which takes place during the normal school program. Clubs offered may range from specific academic areas to art and craft activities or from social opportunities and skills to specialized hobbies and interests. Due to the different developmental stage of children certain clubs are designed and run for different aged children.

Our Goal

Here you can review some statistics about our School
Certified Teachers
Students Enrolled
Passing to Universities
Parent Workshops Annually
Nationalities Served
Teacher-Student Ratio
Campus Security Staff
Extracurricular Options

Royal British International School Yangon on Social Media

Royal British International School

We are a growing, energetic and enthusiastic community of students, teachers and parents all working together to provide a quality learning environment.
Royal British International School
Royal British International School
RBIS is where every individuals hard work is appreciated and celebrate the beauty of differences among its community.
Royal British International School
Royal British International School
Royal British International School
Congratulations to all the winners!
Royal British International School
Royal British International School
RBIS always goes above and beyond!
FREE registration for 2020/21

With extensive safety measures in place for the resumption of in-school classes this month, we are looking forward to welcoming all of our new and returning students back to school!

Call now on 01579492 or 09950257208 to book a tour of the campus. Free registration still available for a limited number of spaces!

The world’s best curricula, and a broad range of diverse extra curricular activities and clubs, and a fantastic school community are all just a phone call away!

When RBIS made the change from in-class to online learning, the transition was fast and smooth with minimal distribution to learning - indeed, even through online learning, our students were engaged in full time learning, following the regular subject timetable! This was possible due to actual 21st century technology integration throughout the school, an extensive digital classroom for each and every subject and grade, and an adaptable and dedicated team of teachers.

We think this quote really sums up the value of a world class faculty at times like this:

“We gave educators almost no notice. We asked them to completely redesign what school looks like and in about 24 hours local administrators and teachers (Apollo 13’ed ) the problem and fixed it. Kids learning , children being fed , needs being met in the midst of a global crisis.

No state agency did this , no so-called national experts on curriculum. The local educators fixed it in hours.

In fact , existing state and federal policies actually created multiple roadblocks. Local schools figured out how to do it around those too. No complaining and no Hand wringing – just solutions and amazing clever plans.

Remember that the next time someone tries to convince you that schools are better run by mandates from non-educators. Remember that the next time someone tells you that teachers have it easy or try to persuade you that educators are not among the smartest, most ingenious people in society. And please never say to me again. Those who can’t do anything else just go into teaching.
Get out of the way of a teacher and watch with amazement at what really happens.”

*Note - highly limited space for upper primary and lower secondary.

Do you have any query? Send us a message by just a single click

Welcome to Royal British International school, Feel free to ask for any query you have our team is ready to reply you within 24 hours

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Message from the Principal

When I look at these students I see more than children. I see the leaders; the educators; the groundbreaking scientists; the titans of industry; and the masters of art that will shape the world of tomorrow.

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Royal British International School Yangon attracts children both from the local and international communities. To accommodate families who are relocated upon short notice, RBIS operates on a rolling admissions program. RBIS main intake is at the beginning of the academic year July, but the school is still able to admit children when a space becomes available throughout the year.

Royal British International School Yankin Campus
No. 15 Thukhitar Street
Moe Kaung Road, Yankin Township
Yangon, Myanmar

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